10.DEEP Shares Fall 2014 “VCTRY” Look Book

Images: Courtesy of 10.DEEP

Two days ago, 10.DEEP released their VCTRY look book, a collection inspired by sportswear. View it in full below.






Here’s a message from 10.DEEP:

Today VCTRY™, our sportswear-inspired collection, gets its first release for the Fall / Winter 2014 season. A tightly-focused group, this VCTRY™ installment continues the international sports theme it has come to be known for. Sporting heavily-patched graphic motifs and a tagline that speaks to the line’s mining of vintage NYC street fashion, its highlights include a sherpa fleece / ripstop nylon pullover, a wool varsity, tech fleece tops and bottoms, nylon shells and simple but unique iterations of mesh fabric-based items. The Fall 2014 VCTRY group lookbook is viewable here, with product now available at the webshop.



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Written by Manny King John

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