0000 by Histibe will take you for a ride

0000 is sonically designed to evoke true emotion.


“0000” is the new visual for the track by Ukranian artist Histibe, in coordination with underground Bass maestro Commit. Minimalist, dark and dreamy, the imagery made me feel like I was tripping off of mushrooms. I felt stuck until the music stopped. Normally this style of music isn’t my bag of chips; it surprised me. Press play and enjoy the ride.

A message from the artists:

Midnight; amidst a dream — reality folded over to reveal a world of vivid mystery. Our eyes lay closed in still darkness, yet mind is alive — painting pictures we thought we could never possibly see

“Take the Form” serves as the latest instalment in the avant-garde creative label, Mask Movement’s genre-pushing discography. ‘0000’ steps up as a unique collaboration between Ukrainian audio-visual innovator ‘Histibe’ and Australian underground bass maestro ‘Commit’.

The composition takes to the screen with a compelling, surrealist depiction of the human mind’s unconscious — a place of interpretation, a narrative-less canvas where even our most unexpected memories resurface, intermingling abstraction with reality.

In 0000, we follow the protagonist into a thin, grey fog, in which he recounts flashbacks of a dream he once had. Meanwhile, a background of deep, mid-bass snarls and pulsing sub-bass act to enshroud a sense of mystery and a cyberpunk-inspired bleakness, simultaneously drenching the audio-visual experience in a sickeningly thick and weighted mood palette.

Be prepared to enter the rabbit hole; three and a half minutes of a spun-out, technoid journey into the surrealist abyss. Think Pollock and Lynch meets bass, in fact just think…

We highly recommend that you enjoy the experience in 2K resolution.


Written by Manny King John

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