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Sound Searching: BANKS

Let the music speak for itself

Being an avid music enthusiast myself, I have recently been on the hunt to find something that peaks my interest. Listening to the very calculated dance-pop hits and Hip-Hop anthems that are currently infiltrating the mainstream media has left me feeling underwhelmed. I want to feel a connection with something rather than listening to a track produced by a highly paid record-company-hired-strategist, also known as a producer, to put together a formula of A + B to equal C.

From the very first time I heard her voice, I knew it was real. All the signs were there. The subtle nodding of my head from side to side, the rhythmic hip-swaying to the beat of the music accompanied by a trickle of goosebumps and my little baby hairs standing straight up on the back of my neck. What I heard was something fresh, different and exciting. I was not just listening to it, but I was experiencing the music. Singer-songwriter BANKS hails from the city of angels, Los Angeles, California. Gaining notoriety for her unique music style, she found herself opening for a lengthy tour with famous R&B crooner The Weeknd. BANKS’ music took many fans by surprise. Her outward appearance made most write her off as “just some pop girl”, but when she takes her smooth and seductive sound to the stage, she wins over the hearts of audiences all over the country.


Listening to BANKS for the first time? Sit back and get ready for a soulful sound mixed with a base of pop-electronic chords laced with a dash of R&B. I would like to think if Sade and Fiona Apple were ever to have a musical offspring; BANKS would be the end product. From opening act to headlining her own tour. Starting next month, BANKS will hit the road on her first headlining tour.

BANKS European Tour

The tickets for her first tour date sold out in a whopping two hours. With thirteen stops all across Europe from London to Paris and everywhere in between. Listening to her voice is more than just hearing someone sing. BANKS’ music pulls you in from every beat dropped to the way her vocals caress the sound, making for an optimal music experience. I look forward to seeing what great things this young lady has in store for us.

For more BANKS, just click here.

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