Must-experience: Visit Gotham Market in Brooklyn this Summer



The Churro s’mores at Gotham Market are to die for.



n the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, just off the beaten path, sits a pristine brick and mortar. If you haven’t visited the area before, you’d want to return when you do.

That Friday, we arrived thirty minutes after the scheduled time to dine, but we were on time. In the past, I’ve walked the street before Gotham Market existed. It wasn’t as amazing as it is now.

I attended with my partner. When asked what he liked the most, he smiled.

“I like the chicken from Flip Bird a lot.”

I could understand why. It was the first time I had fried chicken that tastes as good as it did. It was juicy, moist, and organic.

When you look at the imagery on the Ashland’s social profiles, you’d want to reach through the screen. Fortunately, the product is the same in person. We didn’t get to eat the pizza from Apizza Regionale, but it smelled and looked delicious.

We sat at a table of journalists. We greeted each other and shared food as if we knew each other for long lengths of time. It was my first time working with Becca PR. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.

Flip Bird at Gotham Market

Photo: Gotham Market Ashland


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