28 Days of Black History, Our Way


Yesterday, when asked to participate in "Black History Month" as a company, I was divided. Knowing that I did not want to spew gray-haired importance or perpetuate an idea that I do not completely understand, I grew hesitant. Unsure of where the idea of having a "Black History Month" came from or why it should

Beer and a Shot: Good Kid


Is “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” a classic? I think youth dictates those terms. Classic records always seem to be the ones that impact you the most when you are still malleable. They are records that change the way you think about the possibility of music and the expectations you have for other artists and their endeavors. I’ll leave that decision to kids that have never heard “Illmatic” (an album which as great as it is still has “One Time”, a song skipped by me to this day) and people paid for their opinions on what makes for good music.