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Song of the Day: DNA by Fly Moon Royalty


It’s like a futuristic J Dilla instrumental with an overlay of vocals by kin of Kraftwerk or Daft Punk. With “DNA”, Fly Moon Royalty handsomely mixes the chromosomes of urban contemporary instrumentalism and electronic roots, all stemming from the soul and soil of Detroit City.

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Instrumental EP Premiere: Caspa Narkz – Gorilla


Caspa Narkz, a Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter, exclusively releases a 15-track beat tape titled “Gorilla” through us which features classic soul samples on tracks like “Angels”, enchanting and addicting rhythms on “General” and trunk-rattling production on tracks like “Don’t Know Why” and “Yeah Baby”. If you’re looking for variety and a new source of production to rock over, we can guarantee this diligent workaholic is your guy.

Suzi Analogue announces “Chills + Thrills” EP; Releases Death Grips remix


Suzi Analogue, the multi-genre artist best known for her ingenious vocal and production contributions to genre-bending urban music, shares the news about her new EP ‘CHILLS + THRILLS’ and an addictive remix for Death Grips’ “Stockton,” available as a free download.