Film Review: ‘Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies’

'Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies' promo shot

Let’s go round up some zombies, partner. But before we do that, let’s go over a checklist for a zombie movie.


'Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies' promo shot
Photo: Courtesy of the agency

A chemical outbreak that leads to a zombie attack. Check.
A group of unlikely heroes save the day. Check.
Tons of blood. Check.
Zombies. Check.

Those are your basic elements of a zombie movie.

Recently, we at GRUNGECAKE were invited to the private premiere of Mark Newton’s ‘Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies’ and it was quite the treat. Keep in mind that this isn’t your ordinary zombie thriller, it is zombie flick but has a lighter side to it.

Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies

This film offers plenty of subplots and character development that jumps all over the place and it can be slightly overwhelming. There are a few scenes throughout the film that are a bit hard to sit through, but most of it is presented in a comedic manner. Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies is a small theatrical release, but it still packs a punch for any brain-craving zombie fan. The cast features a few familiar faces when it comes to a zombie apocalyptic flick; names like Johnny McPhail, Wyntergrace Williams and Moses J Moseley.

The film takes places in a small southern town of Charleston. What starts off as three mischievous youngsters looking for some greenery to smoke, ended with them making their first encounter with the undead. The mischievous group then reconvenes at a local festival and viewers are introduced to rest of crew.

A kudzu outbreak in the city has led a group of scientists to test out their new herbicide, Quadoxin, to help contain the wild plant. The Quadoxin is not the only thing that has this small town going crazy. Our unlikely heroes go later to find a connection between the herbicide and the zombie outbreak. Check out the digital release, now available online.

FX’s ‘Atlanta’ starts strong with second season

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Earn, Darius and Alfred embark on their everyday adventures in the city of Atlanta.



In the second season’s debut, viewers are greeted with Donald Glover’s character Earn, homeless (again); living out of a storage unit. The struggle doesn’t stop there when we find out that Earn is now facing a drug possession charge and his cousin and upcoming rapper Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) is under house arrest. Also, let’s just forget about the robbery and shootout that just happened at the Mrs Winners.

Already there are some questions as to what happened with Earn and Al. At this point of the episode, the subtitle and theme “Robbin’ Season” has been clearly explained by Darius (Lakeith Stanfield). Winter is coming, but in Atlanta, it’s all about survival. We can expect some thieving and scheming this season. Things do take a comedic turn when Alfred sends Earn on an errand and we’re introduced to Willie (Katt Williams), it’s noted that Willie is a family relative of Earn and was once involved in the music scene and has seen better days.

The interaction between Willie and Earn was very well written and for a moment viewers can see Earn looking at himself in the mirror. After the argument, Willie proceeded to give Earn some advice and gifted him a golden gun. The gun must hold some type of significance but we’ll find out that eventually. Hopefully, we can see more of Willie and his alligator, Coach, throughout the season. The last time Earn held a gun. Well, you’ll need to catch up on the first season about that.

I think it is a strong start to the second season so far and no signs of a sophomore slump are in sight. We can’t wait to see what happens next week.

#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Najii Person, Brandyn Burnette)

Brandyn Burnette

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of James Chatburn, Najii Person, Brandyn Burnette, and more.


Sol – Legacy (Submission)

Hailing from the Seattle Hip-Hop scene, Sol is back with a wholesome and joyful tune. “Legacy” shares a simple but meaningful message. With the everlasting discussions taking place among writers, fans, and fellow musicians, legacy is a recurring topic. It’s a thought that roams in the back of your favourite musician’s mind. Sol doesn’t want to overwhelm himself with his status and longevity around Hip-Hop. His laid-back delivery helps him vent through his verses about how much he just wants to be remembered for just having a good time.

James Chatburn – In the Wild (Submission)

Fresh from his latest project Damen, James Chatburn gets funky with his track, “In the Wild.” The Australian-born singer lets loose, as he croons over horn and saxophones. It may not sound like a traditional party song, but it has the feel of one.

Najii Person – Money (Submission)

Najii Person is an up and comer to the scene but with his latest track, “Money”, he sounds like a veteran. Person along with ACE provided the unique production to this braggadocios track. Listeners can hear the tremendous amount of swagger from Person, as he rides the beat.

Brandyn Burnette – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Submission)

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing, Christmas songs. The classics are redundant, but it is a pleasure to hear new covers and current artists make it their own. Brandyn Burnette did just that, by adding some Soul and a bit of Jazz to this rendition of this song.

Gibberish – Crow’s Feet (Submission)

Don’t let the band’s name fool you. The Electro-Pop Gibberish band does provide with their latest track, “Crow’s Feet.” It starts off distorted and angry, but transitions into something soft and mellow. The calming sounds pair off with the vocals.

The Federal Empire – Glory Days (Submission) (Bonus)

The Federal Empire seems to have an iron fist ruling over the Alternative Rock scene. In my opinion, they will continue their reign with their latest track, “Glory Days.” “Glory Days” is a hard-hitting and uptempo track that will have listeners singing along instantly.

JEAN – Running on Empty (Submission) (Bonus)

A bunch of my favourite songs consist of an acoustic guitar and the singer. You feel every word and emotion intended. In JEAN’s new single, “Running on Empty” gives us just that, raw emotion. She releases her album on the fifteenth of December. If it is anything like this, it will be a good listen. There have been many times that I have been running on empty but knew that I had to push on. Listen to “Running on Empty” below. I can’t wait for the album. (Thirston Howw)

#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Dil Tortie, BAER)


This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Dil Tortie, Harrison Calderia, BAER, and more.


Dil Tortie – Sticky Honey (Submission)

“Sticky Honey” is the sweet and catchy tune that will stay in your head after the first go-around. The San Francisco musician provides listeners with a perfect balance melody and tone. Though it may sound stoic to a few, Dil Tortie’s voice offers more to this production.

Harrison Calderia – Dreams (Submission)

From the first note, listeners will be swayed and wooed by Harrison Calderia’s sound. It’s something about acoustic guitars and performers sharing their experience through song makes the listening very intimate. Anyone in need of a nice pick-me-up, this song should do the trick.

Young Mister – Infinite Space (Submission)

Somewhere out there in the infinite space beholds a soft tune that will rest easy on your conscious. This Young Mister tune will quickly turn into a go-to song for your carpool karaoke.

Ian Ewing – RiRi Thick featuring SunBLVD (Submission)

“RiRi Thick” is a groovy party joint from Ian Ewing that’s bound to keep the party going all night. This track features a sassy, but a fun feature from SunBLVD. She makes the track pop with her wittiness and flow.

BAER – Waiting for the Fall (Submission)

This track from BAER is heartfelt. BAER’s song is a constant reminder of how short life can be. Listeners shouldn’t sit around, waiting for death. It may be sad. However, it is a tune to encourage listeners to love and live their lives.

Paresse – Sloth Machine (Submission) (Bonus)

Swedish producer Paressse made his mark. The track is a journey of electronic euphoria. The groovy sounds will have listeners on an endless trip, bringing satisfaction.


BVNGS shares chill new video for “$WAG”, announces EP release date


BVNGS is back with some visuals for her latest joint “$WAG.”



familiar face to the GRUNGECAKE, Rochester, New York rapper-singer and songwriter BVNGS is back with some visuals for her latest joint called, “$WAG.” Gold grill included, BVNGS shows off her swag all throughout the video. This dark and trippy video has her cruising through the Upstate, New York streets; posting up on the corner with her entourage. Without a doubt, the stylish musician has swag and so does her posse. Personally, I think this video does an excellent job of showing her high confidence level. Even at night, the talented one shines.

Another interesting point to this video is that it has nostalgic feels of your classic 90’s New York Hip-Hop video with bodega walkthroughs and shots of the posse posted up on the block.

Photo: Jeffrey Chambers

Editor’s note: During her interview with Taylor Dall over at Emcee Network, she shared what age she began making music. In the interview, she also described her sound. Read more about the inspiration behind “SWAG” and her forthcoming EP titled, “N/A.” December 4 is the tentative release date.


Hear Tota’s politically-charged song Idiocy featuring Auston Rose

“Trump’s the biggest hurricane.” — Tota



s of late, plenty artists have been using their musical platform to vent out and to raise awareness of the social issues that are going on in the world, with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, YG, and A Tribe Called Quest, just to name a few. The Vallejo, California tandem of Tota and Auston Rose from the GoodCompenny collective vented out on their latest track “Idiocy.”

With everything happening in the world—incarceration, police brutality and the injustice towards minorities—it can get overwhelming. No one should be living in fear, but the world is crazy and that feeling, of course, will put minorities and the inner city communities on edge. Previously, the listed issues were brought up all throughout Tota’s bars. Listeners checking out this track can hear the pain and the angst within every word. This song did its job and fulfilled its purpose by reminding the listener on how ignorance is bliss.


If trapped in an ignorant cycle, there is no hope for the future. The track urges listeners to know the issues. If you’re concerned about your well-being, make a change. A gem dropped in the song was when Tota compared the President to a natural disaster, creating some scary imagery with his heartfelt words. This song will have you lost in your thoughts. It’s something to think about in full.


Hear Bizzy Crook and Melvin Ingram’s joint project: Reap What You Sow

One of the only sports-to-music crossovers we enjoy.


Bizzy Crook and Melvin Ingram’s collaborative project is quite motivational. Crook has been in the game for a minute, but it seems that he may have found someone he can tag team within NFL defensive end—Melvin Ingram—showcasing his ability to drop some bars as well. As mentioned earlier, this track is motivational and inspiring as Crook and Ingram dedicate their verses to the days about their come up.

Along with that, there were a few quotes that stuck with me while listening to ‘Reap What You Sow’.

I never tatted loyalty on me to show that I’m loyal/Some sh*t don’t need to be said; I’m anti-social — Bizzy Crook


Actions will always show/I’m reaping what I sow — Melvin Ingram

It’s a solid showing from the duo and Ingram may have a career after football with the pen and pad. Stream the full project below.