Richardine Bartee at Sweet Check Long Island City

It’s her unprejudiced love for people that’s taken her this far. Through coaching and nurturing the raw talents of emerging talent near and far, she knows what it is to be among the greatest before they are significant to the world. In fact, she preps them to get there with integrity, truth, and beneficial sacrifice. Today, her globally recognized brand “GRUNGECAKE” is a multitiered business and magazine with focuses in artist development (artist etiquette and media training), artist management, brand recognition and damage control expertise — But it doesn’t stop there — Just as she predicted, her knowledge and tenacity have landed her interviews (and other historical moments of artist transformations) with some of the music’s most valuable players (Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist Nelly in promotion of Legendary Candy Mike & Ike) and Miike Snow’s Lead Andrew Wyatt (for MTV in promotion of his debut solo album “Descender” and the importance of being “social” and connecting with fans online). Since their talk at MTV, he tweets more, and he’s even signed up for Vine!

*Note: Earlier this year, Gonjasufi (See: JAY Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”) interviewed with GRUNGECAKE and he vividly discussed his frustrations, at the time, with top figures at the commercial forefront of Hip-Hop — JAY Z’s name was mentioned on the audio along with Kanye West. It is believed that that interview has played a part in his recent success.) In December 2012, she released an exclusive posthumous J Dilla track titled “The Throwaway” on a previous version of her website. Two months later, she attended “Dilla Day” in Detroit where she met J Dilla’s best friends and kid brother for the first time.

She’s interviewed and has been involved with press for key players in film and television industries like Obie Scott Wade (in promotion of SheZow’s debut on Hub Network), Christian Jacobs (Married With Children… and Roseanne in promotion for his Hub Network debut for The Aquabats! Supershow!), Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford (Doctor Who / BBC for “Wizards vs Aliens” [compared to the success of One Direction] American television debut on HubTV), and Antonio Sabáto, Jr. (Calvin Klein model and General Hospital star in promotion of a new online dating site called In addition, she’s been requested to interview Steven Bauer (Scarface / Breaking Bad in promotion of the new Showtime television series “Ray Donovan.”)

Soon after, she was selected to pitch for ABC’s “Shark Tank”. In her pitch, she reveals an innovative service crafted to aid in reinstalling and increasing the integrity and character of today’s music industries. It’s sure to change the landscape of the music industry one more time. As she continues to reach her goals, she is a distinguishing feature in which others can achieve theirs. Lately, she’s been lending a hand as the Digital Strategist for new beta recording app “Audibase” where she runs tests on the app for functionality, suggests updates for user feasibility and comfort, and marries digital marketing for the app through her current by producing and curating collaborations with musicians on the rise. Like artists and consumer products, she’s able to spot the innovation early and does what she knows best to spread awareness to its demographic(s). Not bad for a girl with a teenage dream, huh?

*Please keep “GRUNGECAKE” stylised with a capital G and a capital C, as one word. Thank you.

Update: During a press release for Mister & Pete, Alicia Keys singled out our Editor and told her that she enjoyed her question.

Update (March 7, 2014): This afternoon, she attended the Under The Skin press conference, in which Scarlett Johansson spoke to press, and her question concerning the character’s backward walk of seduction not only made ScarJo laugh, but it merited a compliment from the publicity staff.

Update (July 9, 2015): This year, she started contributing to MySpace, editing and contributing to RESPECT Magazine, became a contributing journalist for Elite Daily, has been working with countless artists on branding, development, marketing, management, and publicity. The best thing to do is watch this space for an update.

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